Monday, December 21, 2009

Minor Digression

I will normally keep these entries relating to the wonderful world of writing, but I hope you will allow me to digress every now and again. I feel this week, I must do so.

The last couple of weeks have been rough for me. Rough for others, also. I know we’re all stressed by the Christmas season, in one fashion or another. However, there is stress, and then there is stress.

I wish blessings on a number of people who have been dealing with personal trials and tribulations.

To my sister. Despite the sadness felt, you must remember all those around you who love and cherish you and wish you speedy recovery so that once again, you, too, can enjoy four wheeling with your hubby and bro.

To my Great Uncle in El Paso with mild curses toward the hospital staff who didn’t consider you an emergency. Again, I hope for your speedy recovery and expect you back up in the 250+ range in the near future. (That’s bowling scores for the uninitiated).

To the family and friends of Bobby who, last Wednesday, made the third high school classmate within the last thirteen months to leave the rest of us saddened and remembering the good times. And to the other classmates: stay healthy! I want you around to enjoy a few more laughs for a few more decades.

I know this week’s is short but I felt I had to unburden a little. Writing helps.


Oh, next week’s post may be a little late.


Oh, and Merry Christmas to all!


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