Saturday, March 20, 2010

Memories, Part 1

Isn't memory just a little trickster? I think it's amazing that sometimes we can't remember where we just placed the car keys, but we can remember a little snippet from a particluar day in junior high.

I thought this week I'd cull through my memories and put down little bits and pieces. Nothing that was earth shockingly memorable, just clips from here and there that, for some reason, stuck around and will never be forgotten. Some are good, some cherished, some I regret. Sure, they may not mean a lot to the reader, but, maybe you can take a little memory time and making a writing exercise out of it, or take one of mine. I'd love to know what you come up with.

An early scene with my brand new baby sister. We were at the photographer's having a family photo taken. The picture shows me with a frown because I wasn't allowed to hold Roberta.

Screaming at my dad to leave my room one particular time when I was exceptionally bad.

Telling a girl I danced with at prom her hair was tickling my cheek. It really didn't bother me.

Seeing my girlfriend in college walking along the sidewalk and changing my plans for the afternoon to spend some time with her.

Digging snow forts during winter in the deep ditch near our house.

Trying to ride my bicycle through the flooded deep ditch of the neighbor's. I didn't make it.

Thinking I was a daredevil by jumping my five speed over a small pile of gravel near the school.

Getting caught by the cops dragging a hose out onto the high school track.

Getting caught by the cop while going home after work. I had circled the icy school parking lot getting the car warm.

Finding my dog one February morning not moving in the doghouse.

Playing with the new dog on the front lawn and thinking he knew his name when he was just excited to be playing with kids.

Having Roberta's bird walk along my glasses earpiece.

Catching my sister kissing her boyfriend. (Sorry, sis)

My sister in her prom dress.

Running out of gas on vacation and watching dad struggle with no power steering.

Having a flat tire out on the interstate in South Dakota.

Reaching the summit of Harney Peak and needing water.

Laughing when I saw this guy in the water while white water rafting...then realizing it was dad.

Watching the tv news with some of the guys in college after the Challenger exploded.

The family taking a wrong subway exit in Washington DC. McPherson Square. We ended up on the block where all of the stripper bars were located.

Crying at a school dance because the girl I wanted the last dance with was asked by someone else before I could get up the nerve.

Last year's reunion - Too many memories to count.

Wrestling in the hall with some friends in college and really ticking one off.

The snow drift higher than our front window. The drift ended up cracking the window frame with too much pressure.

The time where our neighbor kid shot the glass deck door and watching the spiderweb cracking. then the next week the window cracked again when a bird flew into it.

Telling a dirty joke in junior high too quickly and nobody getting it.

Being stuffed head first in a trash can by two seniors when I was a freshman.

Skipping one class (and one class only) in college to hang out with some friends after lunch.

Realizing the romance was dead with my first girlfriend after two weeks, but staying with her for another month.

Telling my 'girlfriend' in elementary that I didn't like her anymore after only one day together. She told me the same thing.

Losing my lunch seat because I had to stay in line to get milk instead of going after it later.

Well, that's enough for now. I'll dredge up some more memories later.

Hope this helps your writing.

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