Friday, May 14, 2010

The Time Grows Short

As I am writing this, the lilac bush in my front yard is almost done with its season. Half the blooms are gone; the purple has taken on a darker hue. I wish the lilac season would last longer than a month. By the time you read this, there will be nothing left except small purple nubs.

Some things don’t last too long and maybe, by design or accident, that’s why they have so much sentimental value and why we have to enjoy them in the short period of time they’re around.

Lilacs. Girl Scout cookies. The roly-poly nature of puppies and kittens. That little window of spring where you have warm temps, no insects and the crops aren’t out of the ground yet. The time when the sky stays light up to nine or ten o’clock. The time at Christmas spent with family. A sunny open weekend to do whatever. A good book. A scented candle. (Yes, I know you can just go buy another one, but work with me here.)

At the time of this writing, I plan on seeing my nieces this weekend. They will have changed so much in the couple of months since last I’ve seen them. My grandparents weren’t around nearly long enough and I’m amazed at how much time has passed each time I think how long they have been gone.

Of course, some things last too long and the value is gone. I cite sports’ seasons for example. Opening day baseball – great. By the time the end of October and the beginning of November rolls around, I’m wondering why those idiots are still out there freezing their butts off. 162 games? Seriously, way too many. Basketball season, hockey season. There was talk last year of extending the football season. And I don’t think soccer season ever ends. I like all of these (well, can’t say I watch hockey or soccer too much), but when fall rolls around, I want to switch gears away from baseball and I want my football. As soon as I find out the Cubs and the White Sox aren’t going to be in the series (which is an annual occurrence, except for the Sox a few years ago), I’m sorry, I stop caring about baseball. And I can’t get into college or pro basketball till nearly the playoffs.

However, did it seem to you that this year’s March Madness playoffs were over in no time? Some years I know they drag on, but this year, zip, a couple of weeks and you’re done.

Some things last too long anyway. This last winter was excruciatingly, exasperatingly maddeningly long. This last year’s season reaffirmed why I despise Iowa winters and will move in a heartbeat if given the chance. Not that I don’t love the people around here; the people and my students did not create over five months’ worth of crap, but those sunny beaches of Florida, Georgia, Alabama and the warmth and seafood of Louisiana really looked inviting. This summer I vow not to complain no matter what the thermometer reads. Bring it on!

Some TV shows have been around past their prime. Survivor and Idol for example. However, sign me up for another twenty years of Law and Order and CSI. At least Mom and I will have something to watch together.

What’s the point of this post? Come to think of it, I don’t know. I just noticed the lilac bush had lost some of its bloom and wished I could enjoy it a few weeks longer. Sentimental fool am I.

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