Friday, June 25, 2010


There is a group of books out there that try to answer some of life's imponderable questions, such as – If dogs are just domesticated wild animals, where did the wild poodles roam? Why doesn't the water in water towers freeze? Why do cats loved scratched behind the ears? There are actual answers to these questions in these books.

However, for a long time, I've had some questions to which I've never seen answers. OK, some of these may seem absurd and a couple are kind of goofy, but if you know the answers to any of them, let me know.

1.Why do boats have the steering wheels on the right side?
2.Why are women's clothing sized 2, 4, 6, etc? Why not odd numbers?
3.Along those same lines, why are women's shirt buttons on the opposite side from men's?
4.Who decided that the cold water tap goes on the right and the hot tap is on the left?
5.Why do most motel/hotel rooms start with the number 100 and not 1?
6.Who decided that odd numbered U.S. Highways and Interstates go north/south and even numbered ones go east/west?
7.Why are there no B-sized batteries?
8.Why do horse/dog/auto racetracks run counterclockwise?
9.Why are time zone lines not straight?
10.What exactly is snot, earwax and eye crud and what is their purpose for existing?
11.Why are blood types labeled A, B, AB, and O and not A, B, C, D?
12.Why do numbers on a phone go from the top down and numbers on a calculators go from the bottom up?
13.Seriously, was the orange the last fruit to be named? Did they just run out of other names and someone just said, “Aw the hec with it, it's colored orange, just name it that.” ?
14.Similarly, was the fly the last animal named? George Carlin had a joke – Why is there an animal named the fly, but not one named the walk? Seems as if walk should have come first.
15.Why is the penny the only odd colored coin?
16.Why does a brand new box of tissues have the first ones folded into each other so you have to dig out three or four at a time just to get the pop up system started?
17.Wouldn't a group of soloists be an oxymoron?
18.On a car, what's the difference between a moonroof and a sunroof?
19.Why do FM station numbers have a odd decimal but no even ones and AM station numbers are all even numbers with no decimals?
20.Why is 8.5 x 11 a standard letter size for paper? Wouldn't 8x by 10 or 10 x 10 be easier?

As Steven Wright once said, these are just some things I think about when I'm all alone and the television is broken. Of course, he, too, had some good questions – What's another name for thesaurus? If you drove a car at the speed of light and turned on the headlights, what would happen?

Ok, so nobody required me to be totally serious about my blogging topics. If you're not crazy every now and then, you'll go insane.

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