Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Killer Nashville, 2010

Welcome to Killer Nashville!

Whether you’re just a mystery fan, a writer, or a published author, this conference is for you.

Killer Nashville, almost three full days of seminars, talks, freebies, books, and people.

This year’s conference began on the night of Thursday, August 19 with a trivia contest. Three teams vied for prizes answering questions regarding mystery books, movies and television shows. I was a member of the blue team named Blue Poison. After the first round of questions, we were holding onto a one point lead. In the second round, the Green Hornets pulled into a commanding lead with their knowledge of movie trivia, although, to be honest, I knew most of the answers; I just wasn’t fast enough getting our captain to hit the light. However, the third round of questions proved that most of our team were couch potatoes, but we ended up with a victory. Each member received his or her choice of a trade paperback up to $20 in value. The Hornets came in second and received another book and the losing team, The Scarlet Letters, received a ‘thanks for coming.’ Everyone, though, had a lot of fun and word spread; next year they may not have room for everyone.

I say that because last year attendance numbers ranged around 150. This year they more than doubled last year’s. The Franklin Marriott was a great hotel to hold the conference with plenty of room except for some of the seminars which ended up being SRO.

The seminars covered a variety of categories all designed to help the writer/author. Forensics, character development, surveillance techniques, police procedures, self defense tactics, weaponry. For the writer wanting published there were seminars on query letter and synopsis writing. Plus, several agents and editors from various publishing houses attended to listen to pitches and to accept submissions. For the soon to be published or already published author, several panels offered marketing tips. Internet management, networking, interview tips.

Many fans showed up to see the guest of honor – Jeffrey Deaver. Saturday afternoon and later that evening at a special dinner, Deaver spoke about his life and writing. Look for The Burning Wire, his latest Lincoln Rhyme novel out now; Edge due out later this year; and Deaver’s contribution to the James Bond world scheduled for a May 2011 release.

The conference ended Sunday afternoon with a couple of special seminars, preceded by a local Search and Rescue dog team. An Australian Shepherd, two German Shepherds and a furry five year old St. Bernard were present to be viewed, discussed, and loved.

The seminars were plentiful, educational, many with almost too much material to be given in the hour ten minute time limit. However, I think the best things about the entire three days were the people. Authors, editors, agents, writers, fans, marketers, private detectives, law enforcement officers. I met so many wonderful people and will continue an email relationship with them. Last year, I met a man who assisted me with a marketing strategy that helped me get contracted to Echelon Press. This year, I met another gentleman who agreed to look over my website and guide me in the field of internet networking. Sunny Frazier, (www.sunnyfrazier.com), is including me in her ‘posse’. That should prove interesting. A link to her will be up on the website.

January 15, 2011, is the release date for Night Shadows; Beta is scheduled for July 15, 2011. I have to thank Killer Nashville and all who were involved and attended-Clay, Beth, Sunny, Doug, Amy, Mathew, Kim, Mary, Joe, and so many others-for helping me get e-published and who will support and encourage me. I’m looking forward to doing the same for them in the future.

Keep a watch out for Killer Nashville 2011!

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