Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve. What will you be doing? Shall I tell you what I will be doing?


Sitting behind a desk in front of an empty lobby, just as I have done for the last eleven years. Nope, I don't get to go party with friends, or trek to New York to gather in the cold with the mob of thousands to watch the ball drop. I don't get to kiss the pretty girl to welcome in the new year.

Yes, I know others are out there doing the same thing I'm doing. Because that's the job. Nurses and doctors and police officers and fire fighters and soldiers and, yes, thousands of other desk clerks around the country. I'm not begrudging them. God bless 'em, each and every one and to each I say, keep up the good work.

I'm just talking about me.

For a number of years, my dad brought in the new years printing gobs of reports few people cared about for the banks for which he worked. Some years, I'd call him up around midnight and wish him a happy new year as I, too, was soon going to be printing out gobs of reports few people cared about.

The next day, January 1st, I'll be sleeping through most of the football games and the parades and the only ringing going on will be the ringing of the alarm to wake me up in the afternoon.

Am I bitter or angry or depressed? Well...not really. Seriously. I guess I'm a little down being alone on New Year's Eve. You can say new and better things are coming in the days and weeks. My book, Night Shadows, is being released the middle of next month (look for links on my website, Ebook to be purchased at several fine Internet stores.). Sure, I'm excited about that event. I'm a year older and made it through another twelve months with relatively good health (not counting a minor surgery and a stupid three day cold). That's cool.


I miss the parties with classmates I attended years ago. I miss staying up with friends OR, if I chose, going to bed early.

I don't like sitting in a dim lobby reading and looking up at the clock to find midnight has come and gone with nary a firework or even a 'Whooppee!' I shrug and go back to the book.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post. The point and all. Maybe there is none. It may sound depressed, and maybe it is a little. New Year's seems to be just another day with more darkness than daylight, little celebration of the end of the year, maybe ingesting a little leftover Christmas treat, enjoying the gifts.

But, I'll get by. I have the job to do and I'll do it. I'll greet any late arriving guests and wish them a Happy New Year. (Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with the people who've partied a little TOO much.). I'll print my reports and make my log notations.

And...if a pretty girl happens to drop by looking for a midnight new year kiss... Well, let's just say, I'll have one ready and waiting.

Seriously, have a safe and happy new year.


Sunny said...

I didn't get a kiss either, no mistletoe, no popping champagne corks. I did stay up to watch the ball drop on the new HD TV my sister sent, then danced around the house, a bit high on Southern Comfort while the cats looked on disapprovingly.

So, cyber kiss Karate Kid!Happy New Year. Go break some boards or something.

Jack Everett said...

You are not alone Stephen but in my case it is a matter of choice. I once ran a club which was always packed out on a New Year with people determined to get drunk or- in their minds- have a good time. I became practiced at being the genial host sharing a drink with them, celebrating their happiness but then it ended. Ten years have gone by and I have sat at home with a good book, warming in front of an open fire. Occasionally I ahave thought about the past and at an odd time will lift a glass to friends of yester year but I don't really miss it. Not even those occasional kisses under the mistletoe/or not. I still have the memories and is that not what we are us humans, a collection of memories?

Stephen L. Brayton said...

So true, Jack.

Thanks, Sunny.

Lesley said...

Usually Glenn and I go out to our favorite cowboy bar, eat and dance to great country music. We did again this year and it wasn't the same. The economy struck hard here in rural Florida and only about 30 people showed up. It didn't feel like a party at all. We left early to come home, drink decaf and talk about writing. I guess that's okay too, but I hate to see old habits that are fun die. Maybe it would have been better to stay home andsave the money to use on something abit moe fun. So cyber hugs to you, congrats on your book, and Happy New Year.

jrlindermuth said...

A new year comes whether we celebrate or not. The important thing is to cherish it and do your best to make it better than the preceding one.
Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.