Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Christmas Thoughts

Well, another year has rolled around and the holiday season is upon us. Last year I discussed the groups out there who protest Christmas depictions and exhibits in any given community as well as the PC crowd wanting everyone to not say Christmas. I’m pleased to note that this year I didn’t hear any incident on the news of the AFL-CIO or other such group suing a community over a Nativity scene on the town square. I’m sure such a suit came to pass somewhere, but I wasn’t privy to any.

This year, as so many others November and December seemed, in one sense, to drag by. However, as I post this blog today, there is only another week and some change before 2012. Once it’s here I’ll have wondered why the holiday season passed by so quickly. I feel the same way about warm sunny spring and summer days. I want to enjoy them, cherish them, have them last for more than they do. I get excited when April and May arrive e and suddenly – boom! – August is ending and Mother Nature throws us September and warnings about what’s coming.

I wrote a recent Facebook post about enjoying a green Christmas. As children, my sister and I differed on Christmas weather. She always wanted snow and I always wanted green grass (or at least the semblance of green grass). And not a flake in sight. Usually, she won. I have experienced some green Christmases in the past number of years and I enjoy not having to worry about slipping and sliding on ice and snow while traveling.

This year, I requested not to work the holiday. I was granted the time. Usually, my family tries to schedule things around my free time which, sometimes, isn’t the best for everyone else. However, since Christmas falls on a weekend, I pounced at the chance to get it. I’ll just have to wait to see if the same holds true for New Year’s Eve.

So, what did this past year bring me? Two published books and a possibility of a third for next year are the big highlights. Also, I started a new venture in reviewing books for an online magazine and two other websites. Which of course means MY unread books stay on the shelves for a bit longer.

I made some new friends and contacts and continued writing stories. I’ve almost reached my goal of finishing the first draft of a new private investigator story by the end of the year. Next year I would like to wrestle with and pin (or is that pen?) the sequel to Night Shadows as well as a few other projects.

What didn’t this year bring me? Uh, no new girlfriend, new job, or new apartment. Same ol’, same ol’. But, my buddy Thomas the cat is still with me. He turns eleven on Christmas. (I don’t know if he actually was born on Christmas but what the hec, it’s easier to remember.)

So, next week and into next year, look for more writing blogs. Some of them will be fresh and some of them will have been seen on other sights this past year. Any author/writer wishing to be a guest on my blog is more than welcome to submit. Plus, anyone wishing to be interviewed for the Around the Globe with… series may also contact me.

Otherwise, Merry Christmas, happy New Year, and may all your dreams come true.

(Yeah, I know corny standard ending, but hey, sometimes the old lines are the still the best.)

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